The joining of four unique individuals with highly specialized skill sets…

AJ Garrett
Founder & President

Internationally recognized leading expert on the Bill Underwood legacy
Protege to world’s CAMP X Legacy Expert, Lynn Philip Hodgson.

Elite Close-Quater Protection and Combative Instructor to International Tier 1 Special Forces, Government Agencies and Law Enforcement Special Operations.

Creator of “X Confidence” and the “Contact and Control” Head Injury Prevention Modalities for Professional and Tactical Athletes.

Jed Williams

Former elite Tier 1 Special Forces Operator with Canada’s JTF 2.

Special Forces contractor in the Middle East Elite Tactical Instructor – Firearms, Sniper, CQB Head of International Firearms, Tactics and Private Security Offerings

Riddell Mackey
Chief Operations Officer

Privately contracted with Fortune 500 Headquarters Division Philanthrophic Humanitarian and board member of 9 non-profit organizations

Member of “I Change Nations”

Appointed Millenial Chair Holder of the World Changers Society
Appointed as Dame Commander of Kalakaua, Hawaii

Dr. Antoine Chevalier PhD
Doctor X: Partner

Functional Medicine Practictioner for the Executive Office of the President of the United States since 2001.

Successfully treated homeless veterans suffering from PTSD, Drug Addiction, Chronic Pain and Suicidal ideation in only one session.

Successfully reversed post concussion symptoms among NFL players, hockey players, MMA fighters, and other high performance athletes in only one session.