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Corporate Experiences

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Public Speaking Events:

2 Founding members of Underwood Systems and CXT are available for Corporate Public Speaking events.

AJ Garrett:

Founder of Underwood Systems and CXT (Camp X Tradecraft), Instructor to the Allied Special Operations Community:

From a career of instruction to Allied Tier 1 Special Forces, Government Agencies Law Enforcement Special Operations and being an internationally recognized authority on the Bill Underwood legacy and protege of Lynn Philip Hodgson’s CAMP X legacy… Garrett shares about the incredible history of CAMP X, Bill Underwood, British Security Coordination (BSC) Black Operations and the birth of the James Bond legacy and North American Special Operations.

Jed Williams:

Former Canadian Tier 1 Special Forces veteran of both Iraq/ Afghanistan who worked alongside Seal Team 6, Delta and the SAS shares his experiences from wartorn theatres.