In Development:

Camp X Online Training AcademyUnderwood Systems is currenty developing a complete CAMP X On-Line Training Academy for those who wish to learn and recieve training certifications in a web based capacity.

Whether it is because of an inability to stage local training or travel to a training location… or because it is a convenient medium through which to engage specific training subject matter, he CAMP X On Line Training Academy will serve as your “go to” on line source for elite Use of Force, Protection and Security based learning and skill sets.

Training will be made available through on-line courses and seminars which utilize written, instructional video and webinar formats.

The CAMP X On Line Training Academy will offer training and certifications including (but not limited to) the following areas of subject mater:

Personal and Professional Protection Soft Skills and Strategies
Protection and legal Concerns: Understanding the basics of assault and the right to defend Travel Security and Resources Target hardening your home from assault or invasion
Bodyguarding Training for Parents:Close Protection Training Women’s Self-protection Training
Camp X Kids: Teaching parents HOW to teach their children anti- bullying/protection skill sets Law Enforcment and Private Security Subject Control Tactics Law Enforcement and Private Security Prep-Courses