Camp X History & Lineage


The Birthplace of Modern, North American Spycraft

The summer of 1940 saw British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill sitting on the edge of a knife and about to contend with the complete Nazi invasion of Europe. England… being the last to stand. In this desperate hour one of his key objectives was to give birth to modern, North American Espionage or Unconvential Warfare… bringing the Allies into the war… in the establishment of CAMP X, in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Churchill appointed Canadian Sir William Stephenson (arguably the real James Bond) to establish the legendary spyschool in 1941 which was to become the birthplace of the entire James Bond legacy and the Central Intelligence Agency. Ian Fleming himself trained at Camp X and visited its headquarters in New York, numerous times in 1943 giving inspiration to his James Bond character.

CAMP X… is believed to have shortened the war by as much as 1.5 years and was the direct link under Churchill and Stephenson to have brought President Roosevelt and the USA into the war. The birth of the OSS out of CAMP X became the CIA in 1947 with 3 of its most influential Directors (Alan Dulles, William Colby, William Casey) all being former CAMP X students. The Hydra Communications Installation at Camp X gave birth to the Rock Ex… the Allied encrypted communication system that had twice the power and capability of the German Enigma… and was never broken by the Germans. The Rock Ex became the founding communication system for modern Allied signals intelligence.

Underwood Systems Founder, AJ Garrett, re-designed and evolved unarmed protection and combatives tradecraft originally taught at Camp X and has successfully reintegrated this platform back into the culture of the modern, western Special and Black Operations community. Having spent 20 years as a protege and future inheritor of Lynn Philip Hodgson’s life work, the world’s 43 year published expert on Camp X… Garrett, Underwood Systems and Camp X Tradecraft (CXT) have become the recognized lineage bearer of the modern Camp X legacy.


British Born, William J (Bill) Underwood was the first to create a significantly impacting unarmed fighting method for the Canadian Forces in WW2 (the COMBATO system) and was one of the original grandfathers of combatives in the United States. Underwood was present and teaching in the US before WW2 and before the US had any highly established fighting programs for Military, Government or Law Enforcement assets. Underwood was additionally the first in Canada and one of the first in the US to create a foundational system of Defensive Tactics for the post WW2 Law Enforcement community.

Underwood as a child was a part of Baiden Powell’s very first boyscout troop, worked at the Liverpool Vaudeville circuit and was a close friend of Harry Houdini. Working along side Charlie Chaplain, Buffalo Bill Cody and Harry Lauder he witnessed the first “Jiu Jitsu” experts arrival in the UK in the year 1900 and developed his own western, improved fighting method. Underwood became a fighting soldier in WW1 being present at many legendary engagements and used his COMBATO fighting system to escape capture from the Germans.

Between the wars, Underwood was based in Montreal and Toronto, Canada and continued to develop his unarmed fighting methods. The Second World War, saw him rise in status as a foundational instructor to the Canadian Forces, American Marauders, Rangers, USAF, the Pentagon, US Secret Service, FBI and many others.

According to Underwood’s own testimony, research and the testimony of veterans from the Canadian Forces and the American intelligence community (Ie. O.S.S. and CIA veteran Joe Lazarsky), Underwood was an instructor at CAMP X and for the OSS in the United States. Evidence indicates as well that Underwood taught assassination assets for Sir William Stephenson’s British Security Coordination (BSC) based out of Rockefeller Centre, New York.

Underwood Systems Founder, AJ Garrett, has been known for 20 years as the leading authority on the Bill Underwood legacy and proudly evolved and advanced these original training modalities into the modern CXT Protection and Combatives method.